Creating a brand name – key phrases on the go.

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  • adding sensitivity to brand names,
  • adding surrounding positivity,
  • brand names which will attract,
  • brand names on items i.e. pens, cups etc,
  • checking pronounceability,
  • creating a logo symbol,
  • designing stationary,
  • incorporating sensitivity,
  • organizing billboards, adverts etc,
  • search brand name availability,
  • using appropriate images,
  • using colour psychology,
  • using rememberable designs,
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Teaching jobs – key words on the go.

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black board


black board.jpgTeaching jobs – key words on the go.

  • building people trust,
  • communication skills,
  • creating relationships,
  • creative contributions,
  • implementing strategy,
  • keeping to standards,
  • motivational skills,
  • positive contributions,
  • prioritizing skills,
  • team working skills,
  • time management skills,
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