The Evolution to why Psychopaths tend to Lie frequently! – Floiya – Key points on the go

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  • Psychopaths came from societies whereby they had excessive responsibilities and time was limited. It was a doing communication as opposed to an emotional communication. They did not have the time to expand on multiple streams of constant complaints and general communication etc and thus developed the skill of lying to avoid communication and disputes. It may be true that some psychopaths today do not understand or get fully involved in general conversation because it was not practiced historically but their conversation would be of a doing nature i.e. what needs to be done, doing etc.
  • Lying helped them to create a block to communication that was not of a doing nature. Lying helped them to  avoid multiple streams of disputes, stress and time wasting as they had large responsibilities and needed to  concentrate on the basic streams of peripheral support.
  • Psychopaths role over the centuries, being at the edge rather than inside the centre caused him not to be emotionally close to people around him.
  • Psychopaths historically did not have the time to accrue emotional substance because of the nature of their role.
  • Sociopaths would have had more time, limited responsibilities and had the time  to develop on communication, explore complaints, negotiate and find harmonised solutions.
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What is Neck Down Communication – Floiya – Philosopher

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Neck Down Communication  bypasses direct emotions onto physical or body attributes. It is actual communication with the body and effort and not the mind. The evolution to this could be historically from families societies whereby there was lack of communication between the husband and the wife because the husband had an abundance of excessive responsibilities that was equally important and so emphasis was placed on a “doing communication” bypassing emotions.

This type of body communication could cause women looking after children in a relationship to have a mental breakdown because her emotions are not met or fed through emotional communication and she will be assessed and communicated on her physical efforts (hand, feet, work, doing).

Emotions are not met, communication is not half way, lack of listening and understanding, general conversation gets confused and there is lack of eye contact; there is only communication with her body.  This man will emotionally stand outside the family circle as opposed to inside the family.  It also follows imbalance or inequality of hand labour around the kids.  There is rarely any general conversation in the relationship only an instructional conversation.



Type of conversation for Neck Down communication.

  1.  Question -Lady – You spoke to me rudely today?
  2.  Answer -Man – But how can I speak to you rudely when i have bought you clothes; look what I did!
  3.  Please do this  and when you finish doing that do this, then that.  Do it like this, you are not doing it correctly, etc.

Type of conversation for Neck UP  communication.

  • Question-Lady. You spoke to me rudely today?
  • Answer-Man. How did I speak to you, was I rude, did I shout, did I speak quickly, did I say the wrong thing?



A few attributes to Neck Down Communication

being told what to do,
emotions are eclipsed with “doing”,
feelings are not considered,
high value for visual,
how has it been done,
I did the shopping,
I paid the bills,
I sorted the house,
lack of eye contact,
lack of listening,
lack of understanding,
lack of social,
lack of time for psyche penetration,
love me for what i am doing,
physical attributes to doing,
there is lack of considering,
what I did for you,
what are you doing
what has been done,
what to do,








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