Bread and Menstruation problems – (gluten intolerance) Key points on the go


The glue in the menstruation system.


autoimmune reaction,
bloating, gas, diarrhea, etc,
can cause inflammation,
can exacebate hayfever etc,
celiac disease,
cluster headaches,
creates nutritional deficiencies,
emotional or physical stressors,
endometriosis, and
estrogen dominance,
excessive gas issues,
fatigue, depression, anxiety etc,
fibrocystic breast disease,
hormonal imbalances,
intrauterine growth retardation,
low birth-weight babies.
malabsorption issues,
malabsorption of calcium
migraine headaches,
more generalised pain,
muscle cramping and tension,
ovarian cysts and polycystic ovarian syndrome,
poor semen quality,
recurrent spontaneous abortion,
sexual dysfunction,
shooting pain, numbness or tingling,
small intestine lining destroyed,
stomach or menstrual pains,
thyroid problems,
tiredness, depression and digestive problems,
undigested foods,
unexplained infertility,
unstable moods,
uterine fibroid cysts (fibromyoma),
vulnerability to cancers,

How to get rid of Excessive Talking in Children and Adults using the Floiya Ball Technique – Key points on the go.

Floiya Ball Technique –  for reducing excessive talking in kids and adults.

Often virtual communication which needs application of thought may not be understood by many that is why using physical or visual means to explain things may have more weight in understanding healthy dynamic flows in conversation.

This is how it goes – there could be two or more people. The person holding the ball is the only person allowed to speak. If you want the ball you have to indicate through traditional body language means that you want to talk and the person holding the ball will give you the ball to talk etc etc. The person holding the ball has to be generous in giving the ball. This system helps to break down long trailing conversation, creates a shared system and allows others to speak.

You can talk about any topic such as your day as a group shopping, going to the park, cinema etc.

Balls holding fun helps to reduce excessive talking

  1. Technique creates a balanced and harmonized communication.
  2. It also reduces excess talking in kids and adults.
  3. Great for one to one or one to group exercises.
  4. Creates tranquil flow of information.
  5. Using one to two or three balls to communicate.
  6. It is fun, challenging and innovated.
  7. It is starting from general to advance use of holding balls.
  8. Using one or two balls to communicate with.
  9. One ball between two people.
  10. One or two balls between two or more people.
  11. Two or more balls between large groups.
  12. The person with the ball is the only person allowed to speak.
  13. You have to indicate that you need the ball in order to speak through body language (no speaking)
  14. The person will give you the ball and then you can start speaking.
  15. Helps kids to focus and concentrate on the dynamics of conversation.
  16. Helps maintain high degree of face to face concentration.
  17. Encourages eye contact.
  18. Helps to improve relationships and communication flow.
  19. Helps people to keep quiet and enjoy the conversation.
  20. It is fun and innovated.
  21. The ball can be different colours, designs, shapes etc.
  22. It will help kids etc to understand a different dynamic flow of communication.
  23. Once an individual has mastered the flow of communication using balls, they may not no longer need the balls.


Clairvoyance – key points, key words, key phrases on the go

absence of space or time,
deep insight,
developed third eye,
duplicated perception,
duplicated foresight,
duplicated role history,
easily work out the past,
future projection,
knowledge of people; sagacity,
knowledge of things,
learning; scholarship,
powerful wisdom,
quick and intuitive,
scattered thoughts,
seeing objects or actions,
sense future prediction,
showing great knowledge,
super perception.
supernatural power,

Psychological impact of skin issues – key points on the go



Absence of disease and mortality or morbidity issues.
Affects lives and movements around public.
Avoiding social activities at work and outside work.
Can affect work performance and communication with work colleagues etc.
Can cause envy and jealously.
Can cause psychiatric problems such as depression,
Can have social impact and attraction.
Chemists looking constant looking for the best skin solution.
Clear skin accentuates and enhances the visual beauty.
Employability increases higher
Extreme cases of suicide cases.
Helps to secure a partner, friends etc.
High use of photoshop to hide skin conditions.
Inability to form relationships with others.
Increase in secretive behavior.
Large financial expenditure on skin conditions.
Less of a psychological distraction.
Loss of time from work in seeking help for skin conditions.
Much research is done on solutions to skin conditions.
Need for social acceptance can cause high need for make up.
Poor skin conditions can affect individual lives and confidence.
Research undertaken in skin genetics.
Skin foundation solutions on the rise.
Smooth skin is associated with youth, health and attraction.
Social issues such as isolation, insecurity, lack of confidence etc
Socially accepted condition.
The beauty industry clearly dictates that the skin is an important feature.
Underlying emotional issues.
Women with good skin receive multiple compliments. 




Dealing with difficult conversations at work – keypoints on the go


1)  Always try to finish the conversation with something positive.
2)  Being considerate, showing sympathy, empathy and understanding towards each other.
3)  Finding a positive outcome through the discussion.
4)  Finding places around work that is calming, strengthening and relaxing to extract solutions or thoughts.
5)  Have something to drink whether it is water, tea, coffee, chamomile tea etc.
6)  Having a balanced style of communication, looking at both sides of the coin and appreciating them.
7)  Having fresh air outside the office environment.
8)  It is about remaining calm and composed.
9)  It is about remembering to breathe properly.
10) Its about aiming to resolve issues objectively and professionally and at the same time learning new tools and strategy.
11) Its about finding the right way of approach to communicate.
12) Its about finding the right words to express to team leader or colleagues.
13) Maintaining eye contact, clear and simple communication.
14) Never steal the conversation but create balance in communication and the appropriate respect.
15) Taking your required breaks is a must to your personal health.
16) Understanding others viewpoints and opinions.
17) Understanding the benefits of neutral types of social conversations.
18) Undertaking some forms of networking outside and inside the work environment for support.
19) Washing subjective conversations with something objective or positive.