Could chili peppers be the answer to destroy uterine fibroids? – Key points on the go

three peppers

  1. Capsaicin reduces pain by depleting the body’s supply of substance P.
  2. Capsaicinoids kill off many kinds of microbes.
  3. Capsaicinoids protect from fungal attack.
  4. Cayenne has compounds to reduce or stop bleeding.
  5. Cayenne pepper increases metabolism.
  6. Chili peppers can destroy fungus, tumors and cancer.
  7. Considered an anti-fungal chemistry.
  8. Helps blood immunity and nutrients reach all areas.
  9. Helps increase circulation in the blood.
  10. Helps lead to a stronger and fitter body
  11. Helps the DNA of the tumor to die.
  12. Known to boost the immune system.
  13. Stops or reduces tumors by 85 percent.
  14. Warms cold areas in the body.





*Always seek medical advice from your local practitioner.

Helping Loneliness – key points on the go

attitudes resulting from the organic cause,
chinese acupuncture,
connecting with other sufferers,
exercising and dieting,
getting involved in social networks,
getting involved in social projects,
getting rid of certain patterns of thoughts,
getting rid of faulty thoughts,
having a pet as therapy,
homeopathy, reflexology, or aromatherapy,
hypnosis etc,
increase communication with family and friends,
increasing social opportunities with other pet owners,
increasing social relationships,
increasing social support,
learning how to deal with negativity,
reversing negative feelings,
reversing the negative thoughts,
traditional plant herbs,
travelling to different locations,
understanding the cause,

The negative dynamics of loneliness -key points on the go


  1. affects motivation and will power,
  2. affects social communication,
  3. antisocial and self-destructive behavior,
  4. anxious feelings,
  5. begin to see the world and people very differently,
  6. can affect a person’s mood,
  7. can occur after giving birth,
  8. cause of lack of meaningful individuals around,
  9. causes cellular immunity problems,
  10. causes underlying mental or emotional factors,
  11. changes DNA patterns,
  12. considered a social pain,
  13. communication skills deteriorates,
  14. create life-threatening health conditions,
  15. diminished restorative processes,
  16. dysfunction of communication,
  17. feeling left out of situations,
  18. high incidence of high blood pressure,
  19. high inflammatory responses to stress,
  20. hostile and delinquent behavior,
  21. impact on learning and memory,
  22. inability to function properly every day,
  23. increase in cancer and sickness,
  24. increase in weight problems,
  25. increase of cortisol levels,
  26. increase risk of stroke and heart problems,
  27. lack of community,
  28. lack of companionship,
  29. loneliness can also be in marriages,
  30. may report poor sleep quality,
  31. moving to a new area,
  32. narrowing of blood vessels,
  33. one will become more sensitive to things,
  34. people get used to being alone,
  35. pressure to seek social communication,
  36. raised levels of Interleukin 6,
  37. risk factor for suicide,
  38. severe isolation,
  39. symptoms of just working hard,
  40. trigger off viral re-activation,
  41. unpleasant emotional response,
  42. vaccines may not work well,

The positive dynamics of Loneliness – Key points on the go

A time for spiritual re-birth.
A time to put things into prospective.
A time to see through people.
Connecting with the elements.
Finding your innate identity.
Space for reflection.
Spiritual and body healing.
The creation of tranquility and peace.
To create diminishing returns on issues.
To heal from emotional bruises.
To see the organic cause of issues.
To study situations in the past and future.
To think about targets and objectives.
To turn all negative energy into positive fuel.
Using time to understand oneself.

Why is Rihanna so popular/famous online? – Key points on the go.



  1. Carries out unique songs and videos.
  2. Commercialized pop music.
  3. Creates dance-pop, hip hop,R&B, pop, rock, & reggae, dancehall etc.
  4. Had many branding opportunities.
  5. Has great writers behind her.
  6. He is a philanthropist, fashion icon and an actor.
  7. Her music is appealing to all types of people.
  8. It is about her image and attitude.
  9. Open to working with different types of people.
  10. Releases music for each genre/audience
  11. She changes her look from album to album.
  12. She does not keep to one genre.
  13. She has a different look to her face.
  14. She has excellent image consultancy.
  15. She has good marketing around her.
  16. She may change her stylists regularly.
  17. She was signed in one day by Jay Z.
  18. Successfully attracting different genre audiences.