Neutral topics for work – Key ideas on the go.



  1. Gardening,
  2. Theatre,
  3. Running,
  4. Exercise,
  5. Flower growing,
  6. Make up,
  7. Hair styles,
  8. Football,
  9. Cricket,
  10. Hockey,
  11. Athletics,
  12. Restaurant,
  13. Exhibitions,
  14. Drawing,
  15. Astrology,
  16. Homeopathy
  17. Reflexology,
  18. Swimming,
  19. Sponsoring,
  20. Loom bands,
  21. Weather,
  22. Holiday,
  23. Travelling,
  24. Plants,
  25. Fruits and Vegetables,
  26. Geography
  27. Animals,
  28. Museums,
  29. Funfair,
  30. The Park,
  31. Making Cakes,
  32. Sewing,
  33. Making clothes,
  34. Knitting,
  35. Mechanics,
  36. Picture Frames,





Lip reading games for children and adults.


  1. It encourages eye and face contact.
  2. It aids in concentration.
  3. It is fun, educational, stimulating for kids and adults.
  4. Awards can be applied to children etc.
  5. You can start off with single words, phrases, sentences etc.
  6. Individuals can guess a two-some conversation.
  7. Can be useful in life.
  8. Gets everybody involved.
  9. Helps to pay more attention to physical word cues and sounds.



Chemistry – key words, key phrases on the go

  1. A physical science,
  2. Measured by mathematics,
  3. Analysis of the composition,
  4. Analysis of the structure,
  5. Analysis of the the properties,
  6. Reactions of substance,
  7. Activity of in/organic elements,
  8. Atomic and molecular systems,
  9. The chemistry of carbon,
  10. Complex entity,
  11. Dynamic interrelation,
  12. Energy output,


  1. Understanding emotional chemistry,
  2. Empathy chemistry,
  3. Sympathy chemistry,
  4. Communication chemistry,
  5. Trust chemistry,
  6. Sexual chemistry,
  7. Chemistry of understanding,



Lip Reading – audio-visual cues – key points, key words, key phrases on the Go.

  1. It is either called lipreading or speechreading.
  2. It is about visually interpreting the movements of a persons lips, face and tongue to convey messages.
  3. Each speech sound, which is normally called “phoneme” normally equates with a particular facial and mouth position; this is actually called “viseme”.
  4. It is really about the possibility of blending the visual and/or auditory process together by means of lipreading and listening or non listening.
  5. The brain normally works in a multi-sensory manner, thus collecting all stimuli in order to convey information.
  6. Although lip reading is limited due to many phonemes processing the same lip sounds, overall it can help aid an individual in life.
  7. There is a possibility that lip reading may benefit kids who have poor face/eye contact and have deficit attention.
  8. Children that cannot hear continue to perfect their visual cues of lip reading throughout their life.






Sharing personal information – Key words, key points, key phrases on the go.




  1. One would need to question whether there is “trust” in some individuals in order to keep your secret.
  2. How does this person communicate about other individuals?.
  3. You may see this person as a trusting co-worker or friend but they may not necessarily see you as trusting or a friend.
  4. You may tell this person your secrets but they will not tell you their secrets.
  5. Many people have the energy to pretend and the person you were trusting all this while could have been in a pretentious mode towards you; you may not have seen their real personality.
  6. Information changes and modifies as it circulates around people and if the information comes back to you, you will be surprised how it has changed; yes people have added “salt” and “pepper” to the mix.
  7. People often assume that there’s nothing wrong with telling individuals and cannot see the further implications ahead and feel at liberty to tell all.
  8. Sharing personal information can have implications on your job, career and social reputation.
  9. If in doubt, it is best to give neutral conversations like watching theatre, flower shows, gardening, sewing, loom bands, hair styles, walking, painting, picture frames, exercise,etc, nail art, art writing etc.




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