Effective performance at work- key phrases on the go.

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effective performance

effective performance.jpgagreed-upon work objectives
agreed-upon work training
avoiding confusions
balanced view points
clarity of objectives
communication skills
date of next meeting
establishing clear goals
evaluation of failed tasks
feedback evaluation
measurable work tasks
self evaluation
team work evaluation
time arrival/departure
time management
work assessment


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Prioritization – poem – key phrases on the go – Floiya

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achieving a goal is the main aimpaper.jpg
with equal attention to mind and focus
making clarity of one’s goals
adding value to push work drive
completing the task with full spin
before the onset of closure

goals need to be executed or
goals need to delegated
create a to-do-list
learn to value activities
using energy and time management

organisation evolves and helps productivity
structured day helps one to work faster
planned or unplanned activities is achieved

quick decisions save’s time and loss
remember to make records to reflect
just as to gauge time and reduce gaps

remember to reward yourself
work out what is important
do in order to reduce stress
remember to respect resources

what is urgent and what is important
are all harnessed process of prioritization







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