What Contributes to Productivity in Teams? – Key points on the go


holiday productivity


  1. accept each member’s diversity,
  2. appraisals and encouragements,
  3. boosting team morale,
  4. celebrating teamwork achievements,
  5. contribute to your team’s knowledge,
  6. considering each others feelings,
  7. creativity and innovation,
  8. developing good interpersonal skills,
  9. develop trust and respect,
  10. excellent training,
  11. good team leader skills,
  12. no harassment or bullying
  13. non gossip environment,
  14. meeting standards and producing results,
  15. producing feedback,
  16. respecting leaders and workers,
  17. social skills and a social atmosphere,
  18. solving problems together,
  19. strong communication skills,
  20. target objectives for work,
  21. training and communication,
  22. technical innovation,
  23. work together to solve tasks,

Respecting Teamwork Resources – Key points on the go.



  1. Finance was used to purchase various resources.
  2. Not to take resources home unless instructed otherwise.
  3. Not to use resources for personal motives.
  4. Not to use work time on work resources for personal pursuits.
  5. Resources are tools for help facilitate and make easier tasks around teamwork
  6. Resources are used to help the team work effectively.
  7. Resources can be telephone, computer, internet, stationary, car etc.
  8. To report to the appropriate individuals to repair resources.
  9. To take care of the resources given for work purposes.
  10. Turn off machines before leaving work.





Foods which act as a bleaching effect on the skin – Key points on the go


  1. Almond oil.
  2. Aloe Vera.
  3. Apple cider vinegar.
  4. Bearberry Extract.
  5. Citrus Fruits Peel.
  6. Coconut water.
  7. Cucumber.
  8. Egg white mask.
  9. Glycolic acid.
  10. Gram Flour.
  11. Honey.
  12. Kojic Acid.
  13. Lactic acid in milk.
  14. Lemon Juice.
  15. Licorice Root Extract.
  16. Mulberry Extract.
  17. Oatmeal.
  18. Orange peel powder.
  19. Papaya.
  20. Potatoes.
  21. Rice Powder.
  22. Tomatoes.
  23. Turmeric.
  24. Vitamin C.
  25. Yogurt.

Youtube Guru – What makes Zoella (Zoe Snug) so popular online? Keypoints on the go

  1. Appeals to children and teenagers.
  2. Audience is between the ages of 10 and 16.
  3. Discussions about boyfriends.
  4. Discussions about holidays.
  5. Discussions about shopping.
  6. Enjoys singing, dancing and talking.
  7. Great at producing content for young girls.
  8. Has her own book.
  9. Has  other youtubers appearing in her videos.
  10. Has own waxwork at Madame Tussaud’s.
  11. Lifestyle Discussion.
  12. Known for her perky fashion.
  13. Own range of bath and beauty products.
  14. Pleasant looking.
  15. Shares her own views.
  16. She can be comical.
  17. She enjoys and is passionate about what she does.
  18. She is authentic and unique.
  19. She is personable.
  20. She owes two guinea pigs and a dog.
  21. She suffers from panic attacks.
  22. Shopping vlogs.
  23. Struggles with anxiety.
  24. Very open about her life.

Employee Motivation – Keypoints on the go

  1. Adding social fun into the team.
  2. Being fair to employees.
  3. Demonstrating that leaders are honest, showing integrity etc.
  4. Encouraging or investing in training, education, etc.
  5. Encouraging regular feedback.
  6. Encouraging staff to learn new skills.
  7. Encouraging workers to get on with each other.
  8. Harnessing team values.
  9. Not encouraging or fueling gossips etc.
  10. Positive communication among staff.
  11. Recognizing individuals workers needs.
  12. Recognizing their hard work or achievements.
  13. Regular chats and communication.
  14. Showing no favoritism.
  15. Use of appraisals among staff.