Proctalgia fugax – Shooting pains in the rectum/anus – possible reasons.




  • Potassium deficiency.
  • Internal anal sphincter disorder.
  • Neuralgia of pudendal nerves.
  • Drinking too much Coffee or caffeine drinks.
  • Low salt causes muscle cramps.
  • Corn on the cob, popcorn,corn chips.
  • Haemorroids or rectal fissure.
  • Diary foods/milk etc.
  • Low magnesium.
  • Low probotics.
  • Bread/Wheat in Diet.
  • Rectovaginal endometriosis.
  • Alcohol



Healing effects of Honey on the mind and body – Key points, Key words, Key phrases on the Go.

  1. Contains antibactierial properties in treating wounds.
  2. Helps with antibiotic-resistant bacteria.
  3. Treatment with honey is called apitherapy.
  4. Helps with replenishing energy.
  5. Enhancing physical stamina
  6. Improving immune systems.
  7. Produces a calming effect on the mind. 
  8. Honey also helps indigestion. 
  9. Helps with cardiovascular disease. 
  10. Helps with respiratory complaints.
  11. Helps to disinfect the skin.
  12. Heals minor skin wounds. 
  13. Helps with chapped lips.
  14. Helps pelvic tears after pregnancy.
  15. Honey has bug-killing properties of honey.
  16. Honey produces hydrogen peroxide on moist skin.
  17. Powerful against staphylococcus aureus. 
  18. Helps heart disease risk.
  19. Honey lower C-reactive protein.
  20. Honey contains many minerals and vitamins.
  21. Known to help with meningococcal skin lesions.
  22. Treatment of gangrene.
  23. Honey reduces the amount of scarring on burns.
  24. Effective antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.
  25. Stimulates new tissue growth.
  26. Analgesic properties.
  27. Treatment of chronic leg ulcers. 
  28. Honey creates a moist healing environment.
  29. Used for facial and body skin.
  30. Taken for colds. 
  31. Good for sore throats. 
  32. Combat oral pathogens. 
  33. Periodontal disease.
  34. Mouth ulcers.
  35. Wound dressing material.
  36. Promotes the healing process.
  37. May help with ezcema. 
  38. Known to help with eye infections.
  39. etc



Types of Police Surveillance in communities – key points, key words, key phrases on the Go.

  • Analysing electronic equipment. 
  • CCTV/Cameras.
  • Interception of  transmitted information. 
  • The tapping of Internet traffic. 
  • The tapping of land telephone calls.
  • Tracking mobile movement via satellite.
  • The tapping of mobile communication.
  • Plain clothes officers following people around.
  • Plain clothes officers listening to conversations on the street, bus etc.
  • Hacking or tapping into ones computer stored information.
  • Evaluating bookmarking information.
  • Evaluating Internet history.
  • Evaluating images on cameras. time etc.
  • Analysing social networks or contacts online. i.e. facebook etc.
  • Biometric information such as fingerprints. hair. blood types etc.
  • Evaluating the spread and use of mobile numbers online and its relationship.
  • Connecting through social routes.



What does YOLO mean? Key words on the Go.



"You only live once:"

  1. See life as a great gift. 
  2. See life with loads of opportunities.
  3. Life is short so spend less time worrying and more time enjoying.
  4. Adopting positive aspects of life.
  5. Aspiring to life.
  6. Using the time well.
  7. Not to be disappointed in the future.


Psychological Resilience – Key words, Key phrases, Key points on the Go.

  1. The ability to properly adapt to stress and adversity.
  2. Able to deal with family or relationship problems.
  3. Health problems become limited due to being resilience.
  4. Workplace brings on resilience.
  5. Financial stressors brings on resilience.
  6. Resilience is considered to be a process.
  7. Its about producing positive emotions for the mind and body.
  8. Its about balancing negative emotions with positive ones.
  9. Positive relationships inside or outside one’s family.
  10. Intrapersonal balance of negative and positive emotions.
  11. Strengtening the ego and self esteem and being positive for the future.
  12. Its about building confidence in one’s strengths and abilities.
  13. Its about building communication and problem-solving skills.
  14. The ability to manage strong impulses and feelings.
  15. Good psychological and social development.
  16. Racial treatment experienced gives black children powerful resilience.
  17. Many people hide their resilience.
  18. Its about building on individual coping strategies.
  19. Its is emotional resilience.
  20. Evolving a hardiness personality.
  21. Its about being resourceful.
  22. Creating mental toughness.
  23. Promoting well-being and protecting against risk.
  24. Positive adaptation to the environment.
  25. Ability to bounce back from a negative experience.
  26. Overcoming a deeply stressful situation.
  27. Builds enduring social resources.
  28. Increases personal well-being.
  29. Bouncing back and then becoming stronger than before.




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