1. being accountable,
  2. collective responsibility.
  3. demonstrating goodness.
  4. diminished responsibility
  5. doing what is right.
  6. duty to deal with something,
  7. erect personality,
  8. fulfilling a required duty,
  9. legal liability,
  10. moral commitment,
  11. moral obligations
  12. moral requirement,
  13. notion of duty,
  14. parental responsibility.
  15. result in good action,
  16. social correctness,
  17. teamwork duty,







Age and disability.
Assigned to household activities.
Better lives.
Communication and Language.
Contraception and Abortion
Cultural differences.
Differences in gender.
Division of labour.
Domestic Violence.
Emotionally and physically abused.
Employment and Careers.
Evolution and history.
Family and Social roles.
Female genital mutilation.
Films, books and social media.
History of feminism.
Inequalities in marriage.
Inequalities in religion.
Leadership inequalities.
Monogamy/polygamy etc.
Multi-cultural feminism.
Prone to health issues.
Seen as objects.
Sex industry.
Status of women.
Voting rights.
Women and class.
Women and disability.
Women and ethnicity.
Women and Race.

ginger stress benefits

  1. Cleans stressful body chemicals.
  2. Balances cortisol stress hormone levels.
  3. Brings blood pressure back to normal.
  4. Increases the body’s metabolic rate.
  5. Can help with uplifting one’s mood.
  6. Can banish negative feelings.
  7. Packed with antioxidants.
  8. Works as an anti-inflammatory.
  9. Calm some side effects of anxiety.
  10. Improve immune system function.
  11. Can also help increase circulation.



Success through shared initiatives

  1. Joint listing companies coming together.
  2. Joint listing and Financial Board of companies.
  3. Financial companies coming together through shared initiatives.
  4. Increasing staff number through joint company collaboration.
  5. Joint Marketing and Joint Advertising World Wide.
  6. Building traffic through joint staff collaboration.
  7. Building an API system that links all.
  8. Providing intricate services to sellers and buyers.
  9. Having an effective customer services team.
  10. Creating equality in treatment.
  11. Creating unique services in conjunction with shared initiatives.




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