Psychological effects of living in the basement flat or house – key points, key words, key phrases on the Go.


  1. Often dark,
  2. Lack of sunshine,
  3. Cold and damp,
  4. Fungus in the air,
  5. Breathing in fungal spores,
  6. Negative aura,
  7. Underlying cause of depression,
  8. Allergies from Fungal spores,
  9. Possible poor air flow,
  10. Poor oxygen flow,
  11. Anxiety and depression,
  12. More Humid,
  13. More need for heating even in summer,
  14. More costs for lighting,
  15. Radioactive Radon gas produced from the ground,
  16. Radioactive decay of uranium,
  17. Radon is the second most cause of lung cancer,
  18. More spiders and insects,
  19. More insects entering human ears whilst sleeping,
  20. More mold in kitchen, bathroom, toilet, wardrobes for clothes,
  21. Skin allergies from mold or fungus,
  22. Avoid coming home during the day,
  23. Frequently sick,
  24. Hayfever and fungus allergies mixed together during certain seasons,
  25. Respiratory problems,
  26. Pipe bursts and water leaks,
  27. Fungus on the walls,
  28. Sleeping with mouth open; spiders may enter mouths,
  29. Nose bleeds,
  30. Immune suppression – more infections,
  31. Hair loss,
  32. Dermatitis, eczema,
  33. Diarrhoea,
  34. Chronic fatique,
  35. Flu-like symptoms,
  36. Headaches and dull aches,
  37. Low moral, self esteem etc,
  38. Pulmonary hemorrhage,
  39. Radon gas brings down the price of a house,


Qualities of Boarding School for Children – Key points, Key words, Key phrases on the Go.


  1. Builds on growing confidence for teenagers.
  2. Creates powerful teamwork and a community spirit.
  3. Increases their social skills.
  4. Creates great cultural awareness.
  5. Improves relationship with family members.
  6. Helps to improve self esteem and confidence.
  7. Enhances responsibility.
  8. Causes kids to become highly Independence.
  9. Creates Great Friends for Life.
  10. Increases respect for others.
  11. Increases self-motivation.
  12. Creates an Enhanced Education for the Kids.
  13. Wider access to school resources or facilities.
  14. Fostering good relationships with teachers.


How to deal with stubbornness – key points, key words, key phrases on the Go.


  1. Stubborn people like to protect their Ego system.
  2. They have an emotional weak side that they want to protect.
  3. They want to keep in good emotional health at all costs.
  4. They are often afraid of hurting their ego system.
  5. Produce positive attributes to coat their ego.,
  6. Always show that their opinion has a lot value.
  7. You have show that their creative ideas are awesome.
  8. Never indicate that their ideas are worthless.
  9. Always repeat the positiveness in their ideas.
  10. Producing negative stimuli will create a zero % listening and lack of eye contact.
  11. Stubborn person wants to be valued highly.
  12. Stubborn people are known to be heavily defensive hence the need to inject repeated positivity.
  13. After praising them this is now the time to show a different angle of opinion.
  14. A different perspective after praising will open the flood gates to showing interest.
  15. Express that a different alternative will help the issue or perhaps benefit them.


         Coat Ego with positive attributes and then compound positive and then introduce alternative.  



Nut allergy – key points, key words, key phrases on the Go.


  1. Individuals can experience immune problems upon eating any form of nuts or breathing nut particles in the air.
  2. The response is launched by antibodies called immunoglobulin E (IgE), which recognise and latch onto the proteins in nuts from the air or through ingested food.
  3. The immune system overreacts to these specfic type of proteins in the body and thinks the proteins are harmful invaders.
  4. Chemicals called histamine are released in the body.
  5. General symptoms produced are often throat swelling, coughing, drop in blood pressure, diarrhoea, stomach pains, vomiting breathing problems, wheezing, hoarseness of voice, itchy eyes, red spots, hives, red spots, swelling and in the extreme cases death.
  6. An EpiPen is an Adrenaline Auto-Injector Device which many suffers use.
  7. Scientists are trying to modify the protein in a manner that the immunoglobulin E(IgE) will not recognise the protein in the nuts and thus not bind to the protein.
  8. One evolutionary theory is that forefathers did not have such nuts in their diet that is why it is considered an invader in the body by immunoglobulin E(IgE)  -  does not have memory of these nuts in its history. Floiya philosophy



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